Who Sang The Shining? Phi-Life Cypher

Release information
Release Date: 2000-9-25
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Conscious
length: 3:44
Yo Yo Yo
Yo my nigga
My rhymes been shining
Even the moon dont shine like my verse
Even the stars in the sun dont shine like this

The shining, The shining, The shining
Please take heed when I'm rhyming (x4)

Verse 1

Now I take you over
Take witness like Jehovah
Cant compete because my style be butter like clover
its a supa cala fragalistic expialadosious
When i rhyme i hope you focus
Nasty like puss I make a mess
Cant see me like the monster from loch ness
I beg ya dont test
its a Phi Life Cypher
Here to get you Hyper
No matter what blood typer
Jump out the frying pan into the fire
Burning with desire, body is perspire
Where infones just to get the bones
Without the juice another stone
Just a way to flick my dough
1 hand on my throne
Kick you like Seagal
Fly like an Eagle
Inimitable fly style child
I can see all
Open up your mind to the shining
Redefining, mesmerising
Nigga throw away your dollar Calvin Calvin Kleining
I'm in charge
In the middle of the night like the barge
Got the shotty from Johnny Donny
The AK from the krave
Anybody get in my way they gettin sprayed
Nigga tried to redefine me with swine
Jumped on his back
Cold fucked up his spine

Chorus (x4)

Verse 2

Your life will get tekken
As i hit you like Yosimitshu
I grips through and rips you
Like some tissue
The issue
Will be to diss you
If you be talking
So step the fuck back
Like Michael Jacksons' moonwalking
I ride the rhythms like the rocky roads from ridge racer
Always lead the pack
Cos I'm the natural born pace maker
The gonderlero, ragamuffin, rap hero
Got father like de Niro
But i aint acting I'm rapping
X amount of lyrics in my brains account
and word is out
i be turning everybodys party out
The supa dupa
Rap trooper
Be on the next rap manuva
My rap ability to compensate my rap facility
My energy electrifies
Rise like the sun
Bring me missions impossible
Nigga i get the job
Done the war be won
If im on your side if not done
Cos i bring the ruckus to the mothafuckers
pushing their luck
To Lazi Ayatolla turn your eye out badboy
Like Alcapone pick up the microphone
Smoke some niggas like im in the ganja zone
The king like kong
For realla
The god like zilla
Bring mo action than a murder mystery in suspense thriller
My lyrics take up
Like Aircrafts
Nigga be needin some skin grafts
Cos you know my shit be hot like back draft
Hovercrafts cause causing man slaughter dark and out of order
Kick a pregnant woman
and break her fuckin waters
Dangerous at close quarters
Causing face contortions
Highly murderous
Just like the back street abortations
So step wit caution
As i double double my tongue tongue
With lyrical lyrical style style
Second second to none none
So run run
Grip wit fast fast
andele andele
He be like speedy Gonzalez
Cos i bust bust
That arse arse
My like manuva outclass
Fractures bruck up your blood clot
Send em a duff clart
Wit my lyrical gun shot
Lyrical top notch naturally gifted
Born to rock rock
Be in my vains
Stab me im bleeding hip hop
The frighten light skin
Strikes like lighting
Flash like Gordon
I make you wonder like Stevie
when i do my ting

Chorus (x2) fades away

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 A.B.C.
  • 3 Rhyme of the Times
  • 4 B.B.C.
  • 5 The Racists
  • 6 Drop Bombs
  • 7 Take Heed
  • 8 Verbal Wars
  • 9 Phi Life Phi Life
  • 10 Last Man Standing
  • 11 Fatcats
  • 12 Herbaholics
  • 13 Phi-Life Is Here
  • 14 Tiks Sappan
  • 15 Bring It to Ya
  • 16 Bad Men From the West
  • 17 Class A Material
  • 18 Crazy Balheads
  • 19 Millennium Metaphors
  • 20 The Shining