Who Sang Resolution? Phil Joel

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Genre: Rock
length: 3:37
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Pick up your guard
Here comes the smackdown
I got ya back
Don't ya, please
Don't ya back down now
The fight's already been won
Push back

Break me to make me
Tell me straight - let me have it
Don't you fake me out
How else am I gonna find out?

This is no new school revolution
There is nothing new under the sun
You're not the only one, so

Hold me to my resolution
And I will do to you the same
A strand of three chords
Is not easily broken
Together we are stronger
And we will never stay the same

This is gonna hurt
Maybe more than a little
The wounds of a friend
Always stong, never brittle now
You won't be coming undone


Keep movin'
Stick together
Keep your head down

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    script: Latin