Who Sang A New Star? Phil Keaggy

Release information
Release Date: 1986
Genre: Rock Pop
Style: Acoustic/Ballad/Folk Rock
length: 3:37
My mother, she was a queen in her time,
And her children sang, no other could bring
The meaning to rhyme as she did each day.
We loved her and now there's
A new star in her eyes.
We wonder and long to be joined
There on high, by and by.

My father, he gave what he could provide,
How he sacrificed, and of him, no better words
Could describe how he paid the price.
We loved him, now there's
A new star in his eyes.
The wonder of them being joined there on high,
Sweet by and by.

My brothers and sisters have faith in His time,
He will keep our lives together,
There is a place so sublime
Where His family thrives forever,
Now there's a new star in our eyes,
We wonder and long to be joined there on high
By and by.

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