Who Sang Connie's Song? Phil Keaggy

Release information
Release Date: 2000
length: 5:35

Now I'm getting older and time is short
So on my past I'll make a report
As I start to write it's just getting dark
Which takes me back to Conneaut Lake Park

The month was August, the night was cool
I says to myself, "Davey let's play pool"
I struts in this pool hall and spies this Mabel
Racking the balls on my empty table

Now I pride myself on handling a stick
And this dark-haired babe could tell I was slick
She saunters up and she leans on my arm
And says, "Hey big boy, you've got plenty of charm"

"I know" I say, but don't let it throw you
'Cause you're a city girl and I don't even know you
She gives me the blinkers and a pat on the cheek
"Max, you're the man I'm out to seek"

So to change the subject, I chalk up my cue
And get ready to break as most pool sharks do
Before I can break she throws down a wad
"Break 'em and run 'em, and take it, by God"

So I broke 'em and ran 'em and picked up the bills
She stood there and shivered like she had the chills
I gave her the money and said with a wink
"Dry up your blinkers, let's go have a drink"

She shakes my hand and says, "Thank you, no
"You're really kind, and I do need the dough"
The tears were running down her face
Dropping so softly on her collar of lace

Well, she looks up and gives me a sad little smile
"Maybe I'll see you once in a while"
And strange as it seems as I write among tears
We've been married to each other over fifty years

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