Who Sang Here and Now? Phil Keaggy

Release information
Release Date: 1986
Genre: Rock Pop
Style: Acoustic/Ballad/Folk Rock
length: 2:43
Here they as one take their stand,
Two lives joined together,
Two hears bound forever
And oh what a treasure they've found.
Here and now, Father bless them
That their heartbeat as one may resound.

There is a gleam in their eyes,
A sweet kind of laughter,
Your will they've run after,
Your word they have held as their guide,
Here and now, Father bless them
And in You they will be satisfied.

Arise my darling and come along,
The rain is over and gone, the flowers are here.
My eyes behold, you are beautiful,
To hold you and never pull away
When you draw near.

There is a song in their hearts,
They vow to each other to care and to cover,
To share joys and sorrows alike.
Here and now, Father bless them,
And in turn they will bring you delight.

Vinyl 1
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  • 2 Here and Now
  • 3 A New Star
  • 4 Maker of the Universe
  • 5 Once I Prayed
  • 6 Let Everything Else Go
  • 7 Noah's Song
  • 8 The Reunion
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