Who Sang Poem Without a Name? Phil Keaggy

Release information
Release Date: 2000
length: 2:55

A purty girl lay on the beach
One bright mid-summer day
She'd just lay and stare out on the lake
And pine her heart away

Now you can tell that she was lonesome
Her brow was wrinkled deep
A little tear was in her eye
She hadn't had much sleep

In her hand she held a letter
From far across the sea
'Twas an old high school boyfriend
He was her cup of tea

He's the boy who keeps her waiting
The boy for whom she weeps
The boy that will come back to her
And have her love for keeps

Now I'd give my life if I could have
Her waiting home for me
I'd gladly do my duty
In some foreign country

Now when you read this you may think
That I'm a little melancholy
So all I'll say, is that I'll pray
For him to make her happy

Now as soon as this old war is over
And I'm a free man
I'm coming home to see you
And offer you my hand

Please write to me and think of me
Just a little if you can
I send my love to you
A love that never ends

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