Who Sang Flesh Fest? PIG

PIG Genuine American Monster cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1999-12-1
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Techno/Industrial
length: 5:48
composer: Raymond Watts
I've Earnt Me An Armful Boom Boom Boom
Get Me A Sample Zoom Zoom Zoom
Being Me Once More To The Breach
The Tarred And Bitter Bite Of Shame
Turn One More Trick And You Could Teach
Your Piss Poor Parody Of Blame
Get Down Shut Up Baby Learn
I'll Absolve While You Observe
Take This Pork On Your Fork
Take Your Sides And Hitch A Ride
Cut This Cord And We Will Spill
The Juice That Holds The Little Thrill

Squeeze Into The Guilt That Holds Me
The Twisted Arms That You Have Sold Me
The Broken Bridge That You Take Me Through
These Fickle Foaming Lies Told By You

Flesh Fest
Just Like You
Flesh Fest
Just Like You
Flesh Fest
Just Like You
Flesh Fest
Just Like You

This Little Piggy Goes Boom Boom Boom
Hide You Hope And Its Zoom Zoom Zoom
The Door Of Dismal Daily Strife

Open For This Hopeless Life
All Dressed Up In Blood Stained Silk
The Dival Of His Dirt And Ilk
In The Gut And Gristle On This Ground
Where I've Been Lost But Now I'm Found

I Got Little Thing For You
I Hope You're Gonna Think This Through
Hold Your Gonna Think This Through
Hold Your Nerve And Hold Your Serve
Suck This Thing You Don't Deserve
Mismanaged Miscreants Mistake
Misconduct Missed In Misery

CD 1
  • 1 Prayer Praise & Profit
  • 2 Riot Religion & Righteousness
  • 3 Salambo
  • 4 Whore
  • 5 Flesh Fest
  • 6 Black Brothel
  • 7 Disrupt Degrade & Devastate
  • 8 F.O.M.
  • 9 A FĂȘte Worse Than Death
  • 10 Cry Baby
  • 11 Inside