Who Sang Eagle Flies Above? Pig Killer

Pig Killer The Spirit of 1939 ... cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1996
length: 3:17


Strength is all
We'll rise again
And fell our blood desire
If liberty is not for me
Than I was born to die

Just like the Hunter
Livin' high above the fear
We chase away the night
The New Dawn is near

Ref.: Feel the wind - Eagle flies above
Smell the air - Eagle flies above

Sounds of the battle everywhere
Bodies lying here and there
Soldiers slaying those who dare
To insult our kind

We devastate, we live from hate
They had their time, now it's too late
Every lie shall now create
A new kind of might

Oh, he can't hear me
As he lies in his bed
He was a brave one, but now he is dead
Such a pity to waste a man so proud
When he is dead, let the women cry
The war calls us now

CD 1
  • 1 Keepin' My Way
  • 2 War Poetry
  • 3 Kingdom Come
  • 4 Bang Your Dead
  • 5 Nigger Lover
  • 6 Eagle Flies Above
  • 7 Once Upon The War
  • 8 Talvisodan Henki
  • 9 Stream Of Hades
  • 10 Blood And Honour
  • 11 Niggers Out!
  • 12 Heroes