Who Sang Prayer Praise & Profit? PIG

PIG Genuine American Monster cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1999-12-1
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Techno/Industrial
length: 6:35
composer: Raymond Watts
Death Does All The Talking
It'll f___ You Free
The Secret Of The Senseless
Soiled Sick I See
Little Lux Europe
Put Your Flesh On Steel
Confusion Is Confession
I'll Drive You Wheel To Wheel
The Price Is Prejudicial
Hear The Silent Sing
With The Spit And Spat On
Burning Broken Wings
I Defecate Where You Will Dream
Prayer Praise And Profits Prey
Take The Pleasures Largest Measure
Prayer Praise And Profits Pay
Every Hole Is Barred
See You Heart Is Tarred
Lying In The Lap Of Hate
Where Your Skin Is Scarred

Little Tasteless Thriller
Slice Your Stitch In Time
Little Easy Killer
Choking Down The Line

CD 1
  • 1 Prayer Praise & Profit
  • 2 Riot Religion & Righteousness
  • 3 Salambo
  • 4 Whore
  • 5 Flesh Fest
  • 6 Black Brothel
  • 7 Disrupt Degrade & Devastate
  • 8 F.O.M.
  • 9 A FĂȘte Worse Than Death
  • 10 Cry Baby
  • 11 Inside