Who Sang I'm the Best in the World!? Pigeon John

Release information
Release Date: 2002-10-9
length: 3:35
producer: Pigeon John

Yeah, and it goes. Boom. Yes, no singin'. With just another fly hit
My the man PJ all day...ect. To all the fat white girls
To all the skinny black girls
To all the medium sized Asian girls. And it goes...

[Verse One]
I'm so handsome
Oh shoot, take me for ransom
The fine gene will trickle down to my grandson
Rolling through Lamerk bumpin' Hanson
A fat bowl of raps and beats is what I have son
I'm the best rapper there is
Who else is playin' bingo plus know the lingo?
Who got a 1987 Porsche, huh?
Who looks up to Deano, who's down to mingle?
See I told you
Put your hands down, you let somebody else mold you
I can just tell by the way you dress somebody sold you a dream
That you would be a Supreme and a ?
Ha ha ha I had to laugh
You're still wearin' Nikes I have to pass
Put a little ? is my bubble bath
While I let all thee other MCs pass like gas

[Hook] - x4
I'm the best in the world (okay okay)

[Verse Two]
I'm insecure y'all
This is some happy stuff
And y'all used to everybody goin' "Buck buck buck"
And "I'm a kill you"
And where does this fit in?
Between Juice and Gin or after raping women?
It's so cool man because it's so hardcore
Look at it, baggy jeans and stuff
So hardcore
See my mom was raped and my mom was beat
And that's the truth so it ain't that cute
When I hear them rappin' big on the radio
How they're killin' all the babies with the big 4-4
It's so fresh man
Yo, they're so dope
I might be smilin' but I'm wishin' that they would choke
Then I'd be wildin' but their whole persona is a joke
I'm a piranha and I'm gonna find them in a mote
I wanna chew but I never bite to leave them hope
That they too big for that cause Murder is all She Wrote

[Hook] - x8

Everybody understand Pigeon John fresh
Everybody understand LAS fresh
Everybody understand Squint is fresh
Everybody understand white is fresh
Check it, everybody understand J-Beits fresh
Everybody understand Btwice fresh
Everybody understand De La fresh
Everybody understand Prince Paul fresh


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  • Release information
    label: Syntax Records
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    script: Latin