Who Sang The Heartbeat? Pigeon John

Release information
Release Date: 2002-10-9
length: 3:38
producer: Pigeon John

Rap time. It's my nine to five. Wake up in the morning, got to go
This goes out to so called art form, once-upon-a-time
Known as hip hop. Brrring. Clock in. Exactly

[Verse One]
This is hip hop
It's hard to see the pure uncut when it's foggy
Now it's just a shirt that you wear
The rhymes that you fake
And put the food upon the plate
It's just another job, just another career
When it was young it caused a Planet to Fear
Now it's an overweight thirty year old
Up in a suit with a necktie
Waiting for the food to get cold
Cause it can't hunt no more
The teeth too sore
We're just dummin' on some money and we're asking for more
We're addicted
It used to be an art for sick kids
Now it has succumb to a target market
And I wish hip hop would die
Like disco
And supply a seed for something new to multiply
Cause we the walking dead
We forgot breaking ground and sucking deep on the blood that's red

It's called the heartbeat (c'mon)

[Verse Two]
Most of you dudes don't even know the pulse
Without a video and a director that's notable
Or a Source approved verse up in the Quotable
Right next to a Lugz add, saying they're affordable
You probably can't breathe without the media
Telling you how to dress with colorized pictures of graffittia (eat it up)
And here we go
Chompin' at the mall shop
Not to long before we heave it up
And now we brag when they brag
We sad when they sad
Monkey see, monkey did and we followed down the path
It's deeper than a beat
It's deeper than the 180 plus on your feet
Deeper than these wanna be gangstas on the street
Deeper than these weed head underground geeks
Deeper than the check at the end of the week
It's kinda like a cheetah on the hunt for some meat
C'mon baby it's the heartbeat


[Verse Three]
Check it
Most of the time I hate rap
But I'm cursed with the gift that makes the hands clap
So I gotta do it and run through it
Even though I'm surrounded by clones
Part of my bones, I'm glued to it
And I can't pull the reigns cause it runs in my veins
I'm a part of a body that runs games and breaths shame
And I play for change but it's not and dollars are
It remains the same, wondering where the scholars are
So I just close my eyes and drift back
All alone, Hawthorne, in my room writin' raps twice
Makin' beats, makin' tight tracks
Then I realized exactly where I'm at
It's called the heartbeat


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  • Release information
    label: Syntax Records
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    script: Latin