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length: 5:04
If I had money everything would be ok,
But I don't, so I'mma drink my life away.
You know what they say,
Good things come to those who wait.
[But] I'm tired of waitin'.

White wine is fine hard liquor's hittin' quicker.
On this barstool I jam
For never can [I] see the picture of these
Wasted days, wasted nights
Topless bar fights polluttin' my sight
With white lion down my life.

Rose-colored glasses intoxicate the real
Feel the kill the wills from turning my caps appeal
Through these blurried visions and hurried missions
I feel they all stretch out to hold me with forgiving hand to dope addiction

[Pre Chorus:] Drownin' in Whiskey, drownin' in gin.
Getting gauge daily by my so-called friends
Born to lose, dyin' to win
I feel like killin' myself again.

[Chorus:] And that's one for the ages.
Playin' on beer-soaked stages.
Stuck together porn pages.
I feel like leaving Las Vegas.

If I had fame and everybody knew my name
I'd be okay. BUT I DON'T!
Gotta keep drinkin' my life away
For eternity. Good enough for Bond Scott, good enough for me.

Constantly I'm approached by a various people
Tellin' me that I need to go and repent me for steeple,
But people don't know how it is to be
And alcoholic, cokehead, and a dope MC.

To me it sits in when you're out on the road,
No need to call Tyrone. You got my number
Located under EJ Coe,
Nephew of David Alan, the outlaw.
If you didn't know I'm?(pre chorus & chorus)

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