Who Sang State of Mind? Pink Turns Blue

Release information
Release Date: 1987
length: 3:59
Wheels take me forward
Planes take me higher
We see our faces on photographs
Beginning and desire
Eden turns to desertland
It doesn't matter anymore
My heart was sealed with emptiness
Now it's an open sore
It's just a state of mind
A state of mind
A state of mind

Was walking through that shinning-Land
The way was made of neonlights
Something made electricity
Escape from a million lonely nights
Opened a grave where ideals have slept
I found them rotten I found them dead
I couldn't go back to where I came
The blood dripped down my fading sane
It's just a state of mind
Just a state of mind
As we sit in different places now
We gonna chase the time away
I think I need your company
A strange to society
Too many morals and too many rules
I cannot care, got nothing to loose
I had just my dream to pay
And after all I'd nothing to say

CD 1
  • 1 I Coldly Stare Out
  • 2 After All
  • 3 Walking on Both Sides
  • 4 State of Mind
  • 5 When It Rains
  • 6 If Two Worlds Kiss
  • 7 That Was You
  • 8 Missing You
  • 9 A Moment Sometimes
  • 10 When the Hammer Comes Down