Who Sang Just One Touch (Live)? Planetshakers

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length: 6:23
I am free, every sin has been erased
By the power of Your grace
I am healed, every sickness and disease
Has no hold on me
'Cause I believe Yes I believe
You said it's done, death is overcome
You washed me clean and now I'm free
I am blessed, O' my cup it overflows
Beyond all that I can hold
I am saved, by the power of Your name
I will never be the same

With just one touch
Every burden fell off my shoulders
With just one touch every mountain swept away
Now goodbye guilt and shame
He's overcome the grave
We lift the name of Jesus higher
We lift the name of Jesus higher

CD 1
  • 1 Intro (Live)
  • 2 #Letsgo (Live)
  • 3 Nobody Like You (Live)
  • 4 All About You (Live)
  • 5 Home (Live)
  • 6 Just One Touch (Live)
  • 7 Stepping In (Live)
  • 8 Glorious Collision (Live)
  • 9 Born To Praise (Live)
  • 10 Perfect Love (Live)
  • 11 New Era (Live)
  • 12 All Hail (Live)
  • 13 Love of My Life (Live)
  • 14 Jesus Is Lord (Prayer) [Live]
  • 15 I Just Want You (Live)
  • 16 All About You (Live)
  • 17 #Letsgo (Live)
  • 18 Nobody Like You (Live)
  • 19 All Hail (Live)
  • 20 Home (Live)
  • 21 Just One Touch (Live)
  • 22 Perfect Love (Live)
  • 23 New Era (Live)