Who Sang Seal Your Fate? Polluted Inheritance

Release information
Release Date: 2001-11-19
length: 4:57

We are the ones who tooke the blame
And sealed our fate
The hate is not forgotten
It stabs us in the back
Forever hold in darkness
It hurts us every step
And then they were here
To spew their fate

Eyes dieing broken glass
For us already it's too late
I don't know you
Hate is manipulated
Can't you see
We are the ones who took the blame
And sealed our fate

Ever seen the day rise
In a bright sky
All hope rose high
Cause the gods would smile
Ever seen the day die
Into a dark night
Took all chance of hope away
And sealed your fate

CD 1
  • 1 Broken
  • 2 Free to Be
  • 3 Growing Distance
  • 4 Seal Your Fate
  • 5 Divine Capture
  • 6 Hypocrisy
  • 7 Angel's Masquerade
  • 8 Final Fantasy
  • 9 Alone
  • 10 Inner Peace
  • 11 Endless Time