Inner Space Lyrics - Poltergeist

Release information
Release Date: 1989
length: 5:51
Look inside your inner s***e
See, there are so many ways

I'm creeping in my mind
To see what I can find
I come across my sins
See, it's like a wheel which spins

I try to wipe them out
Devour me with their mouth

descends my mind
Surrounds all I find
Feels like I'm blind
Can't read the signs
I become insane
I feel it's there
Creeping everywhere
Let me out
Spoken verse:
Awaken the forces of the inner s***e
You cannot leave the depths of mind
Depraved thoughts coming up your memory
See the determination of your life

You're on the ride
Through your inner s***e
I will show you everything
To understand your being
Now I leave this place of doom
Too late, I know I've lost my pool

Another station waits
I know I have to stay

I stay forever here
No, there's more I can bear

I'm feeling pretty well
Am I already dead?

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