Shooting Star Lyrics - Poltergeist

Release information
Release Date: 1989
length: 5:19
Fallin' to earth
Through the dark empty s***e
Look to the sky
Death has so many faces
Soon I will burn
In the earth's atmosphere
See my life pass
Asking me why I'm here...

Driftin' further
Alone here in the darkest s***e
Why does this happen to me

Fallin' to the earth
Can't stop this fall
Misery is all I've got
To live...
No more
Will to live
I don't care
I will burn
Into the atmosphere

Oh lord save me
Why don't you hear me

Now I know
I'm just folled again
Noone can help
Can save me from this pain
See my life now
I know I'll miss so much
Soon it's over
I wish there's something
I could do
Hope they see me down on earth
See their stary eyes
They're watching me
A shooting star is all I am
When I burn...

(Inspired by the novella "Kaleidoscope" from Ray Bradbury)

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