Three Hills Lyrics - Poltergeist

Release information
Release Date: 1989
length: 5:54
I know a place
There are three hills
Ever since I live
They're watching me
They're watching you
And they always admonish

They were there
In a time long ago
Still they stand up there

They have seen
All the trouble which we know
But the wheel of life
Is still there

If you feel depressed and down
Come to these hills
And open up your mind

Think about how old they are
Feel, all your trouble has gone so far

Soon your problems will go away
You'll feel better every day

If you don't know what to do
A solution is there for me and you

Come to the three hills
They got power, they got might
They stand there through day and night

Use these three hills

Now you are here
Look at these hills
See how tall they are

You're so small
Beneath these hills
No matter who you are

You can be a beggar
Or a king
In front of them
You're just a man

There is nothing
You can loose or you can win
You just can see we are all the same
If you feel depressed and down
Come to these hills
And open up your mind

Repeat chorus

You are asking me
Where are these hills
I will tell you my frien

They're in your heart
And in your mind
They're with you until the end

They are just
A synonym for your might
The might which is inside of you

You just have to
look inside of you
Find these hills
And you'll learn to use

The three hills

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