Who Sang I Am No Good? Poor Old Lu

Release information
Release Date: 1994
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock
length: 4:01
This song offended some. Not the music, of course, but the title and lyrics. The notion of "I Am No Good" is not particularly popular in a society where we are constantly told to "believe in ourselves" and to "stick up for your rights". Even among believers there can be a difficult quandry with this. The truth is, any good that is in any of us comes from Jesus Christ. Any worth that we have in this life is from Him and Him alone. That said, I personally like this song very much. It's different, that's for sure. It has light jazz overtones. The arrangement is slightly odd, but it all works. Heck, this song was even fun in concert!

We've already touched on the lyrical content, I suppose. The dominant concept in this song, as the title might suggest, is that "I Am No Good". There is a progression in the song of self-reliance, the first few verses, to the final line, "now I fall indeed". That's the progression that we all need. Amen.

so it seized me
so it grieves me
grabs me everyday

will it bleed thru?
does it burn you?
got to take us ever low

take, us, take us ever low
no, other, no other chance i know

am i thinking?
am i drinking?
wrapped in me today

so you're scheming
still you're dreaming
all you have and plan you fail

all, you, all you have you fail
i, put, i put my life up for sale

cause i am no good
(i am no good)
i am no one
(i am no one)
no, i am no good

leave it all down
i give all now
full of earth, i agree

does it create?
like a headache?
got you on your hands and knees

on, your, on your hands and knees
now, i, now i fall in need

cause i am no good
(i am no good)
i am no one
(i am no one)
no, i am no good
(i am no good)
cause i am no good
(i am no good)
i am no one
(i am no one)
no, i am no good

now, i, now i fall indeed

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