Who Sang Love Can Break Your Heart? Powerplay

Release information
Release Date: 1982
length: 3:50
I remember those nights in the city
when we used to play rock 'n roll
You were a star and she was so pretty
You could beat us all
Then one night we were waiting
but you were not there
I heard she let you down
It's the end of a love affair

Love can break your heart (3X)

I went down to your place
You said you'd never play guitar again
Tears were running down your face
You said you'd never be a star again
I said there's so many broken hearted people
living in this world today
They 're gonna get themselves together
instead of fading away
Love can break your heart (3X)
You gotta try again
pull the strings again
And beat us if you can

Love can break your heart (3X)

You know that -
I said -
Ooh -
Love can break your heart

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