Final Call Lyrics - Primal Fear

Primal Fear Rulebreaker cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2016-1-20
length: 4:04
vocal: Ralf Scheepers
background vocals: Mat Sinner
guitar: Alex Beyrodt, Tom Naumann and Magnus Karlsson
keyboard: Magnus Karlsson
drums (drum set): Francesco Jovino
bass guitar: Mat Sinner
lyricist: Magnus Karlsson, Ralf Scheepers, Mat Sinner
Your holy scripture - your bible verse
They cause all conflict and make things worse

Listen to the battle cries
Turning into pain
Priests of doom will spread the lies
All hope is vain
There's just one thing which remains free
Hopes and thought and dignity

Self entitled warriors
Trained and bound to kill
To emerge victorius
Our suffering is their thrill

Why can't you hear?
The final call
The final call

When all the gods have been appeased
Cold laughter when you're on your knees

Plenary indulgence
Live just to die a martyr
Your abyss of ignorance
Your only plan to torture
Insidious danger - deviousness
The fallen angel of righteousness

Obey without consideration
Suffer no mistakes
Your view is unimportant
Sense has been replaced

Why can't you hear?

The final call
The final call

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