Hail to the Fear Lyrics - Primal Fear

Primal Fear Apocalypse cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2018-8-8
length: 5:05
lead vocals: Ralf Scheepers
background vocals: Mat Sinner
guitar: Magnus Karlsson, Alex Beyrodt and Tom Naumann
keyboard: Magnus Karlsson
drums (drum set): Francesco Jovino
bass guitar: Mat Sinner
Here comes the evil
Back from the devil's core
You nightmare's delivered
I will crush like a wrecking ball

I will watch the nations bleed
From far above
I will sing the song of death
When all comes down
Hoist the flag of pain and fear
The poison is in my veins
You can't break me
The devil swears he's not to blame me

Dance with the devil
I'm dancing on a holy grave
Coming back from the dead
I will take your generation's head

Hate, greed, destruction
There's nothing left to fear
Lies, death and corruption
And I'm taking you with me

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CD 1
  • 1 Apocalypse
  • 2 New Rise
  • 3 The Ritual
  • 4 King of Madness
  • 5 Blood, Sweat & Fear
  • 6 Supernova
  • 7 Hail to the Fear
  • 8 Hounds of Justice
  • 9 The Beast
  • 10 Eye of the Storm
  • 11 Cannonball
  • 12 Fight Against Evil
  • 13 Into the Fire
  • 14 My War Is Over
  • 15 Supernova (orchestral version)
    DVD 2
  • 1 King of Madness
  • 2 The Ritual
  • 3 Making of Apocalypse