Rebel Faction Lyrics - Primal Fear

Primal Fear Delivering the Black cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2014-1-22
length: 4:42
producer: Mat Sinner
lead vocals: Ralf Scheepers
mixer: Jacob Hansen
recording engineer: Achim Koehler
background vocals: Mat Sinner
guitar: Alex Beyrodt and Magnus Karlsson
keyboard: Magnus Karlsson
co-producer: Ralf Scheepers and Magnus Karlsson
drums (drum set): Randy Black
bass guitar: Mat Sinner
assistant recording engineer: Sonja Müller
writer: Mat Sinner, Magnus Karlsson, Ralf Scheepers
Stand by to rebel
There's no decline
No man will ever break my pride
Or take away all that is mine

Bring on the bullets
I will destroy
You've caused the damage
Now your claim is off the roof
I'll give you hell

This troupe will stand forever
Stand like a wall
The rebel faction

Gross violation
Constrained by law
You have no claim on me no matter
Who you are or what's your name

No where's the justice
In this foul play
I have no will to pay the bill
Bred in another place than me

So let us point the way
We are the people
The rebel faction

I see no limit - every second counts
We're full of spirit
'Cause we won't go astray

This troupe will stand forever
Stand like a wall
The rebel faction

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