Who Sang Ricochet? Primer 55

Release information
Release Date: 2001-8-14
length: 1:32
producer: Eddie Wohl and Bobby Burns
recording engineer: Steve Regina
bass: Kobie Jackson
percussion: Preston Nash
co-producer: Steve Regina
strings: Bobby Burns
drums (drum set): John Stanier and Preston Nash
assistant engineer: Michael Messier and J.P. Sheganoski
composer: Bobby Burns
I can't stand your ****ing bullshit, liar!
Turning me life into nightmares!
Pick apart my head inside, my head inside!

turn your back and you look away
pray to god there?s a brighter day
feel my sanity slip away
get me through another day

it's my bed I made, I?ll lie there
my hole, my grave, I?m fine here
these thoughts they cloud my mind
the cloud, my mind

(repeat chorus)


how's your life without me so far?
You whore, you*****, you suffer?
Rehabilitate my mind, how's your life?
Mines just fine

CD 1
  • 1 Time... Trapped Under a Rock
  • 2 This Life
  • 3 Growing
  • 4 Texas
  • 5 Tricycle
  • 6 Pills
  • 7 Lessons
  • 8 (502)
  • 9 Lou Evil
  • 10 Hesitation
  • 11 No Sleep
  • 12 My Girl
  • 13 Ricochet
  • 14 All in the Family