Who Sang Glowing? Primitive Reason

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Release Date: 1999
length: 4:01
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This is not how it's supposed to be
My spark of light so dim. Unseen
Negativity just floats adrift and no
You never know when it may cross your ship
Emptiness has drawn on this tree
The bark has left the inside unseen
And with a blow the spark stops its glow
And then nothing comes out of the seed that has
Sick, my body's gone sick
Too much fog on the shore
Where the light glowed before
Getting wet by the drip, now the wick's caught in the
Glowing it used to be, glowing it used to be
Covered with brown green leaves
But a cold wind blow that kept its glow from shining
Frozen soul, leafless watch these leaves drop
Down, turned around like a fish out of reach
From the water on the beach
While the cats lick their paws with these
As they wait for the feast
When the mist's adrift, the ship will pass
The sunrise, above the clouds, before the grass
When the mist's adrift, the ship will pass
The sun will rise again and clear the path
If there was sap left in this tree
It would reach to every leaf
And its breathing would start
All the lights that had died out in the dark
But it's too cold to breathe
There's no more dreams of real life, I see
Unseen. It feels real strange to me, no more leaves
Only this mist I see
Holding me, surrounding me
Soaking up the sap that feeds, revitalizes me
No more heat to give the seeds
There's only mist between our reach but still too cold
To feel at ease
Need its rays to come and touch me
Well this is what I love, then why's it killing me?
How did it come to this
Or have I gone to that?
This leafless soul has left me without a branch
And with the light so dim
Disguising everything
Just wish this mist
Would rise up and clear away
So that my seeds that fell along the way, along the
Could spark the light that blew away 'n' blew away 'n'
Blew away 'n' blew
My soul will thaw and to me do so
The branch will leak, some light should show
Although this mist is thick and lasts
There's hope that light will clear the path

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  • Release information
    label: Farol Música
    country(area): Portugal
    format: CD
    script: Latin