Prince - Friend, Lover, Sister, Mother/Wife 歌詞

合成: Prince Rogers Nelson
オリジナル盤発売日: 1996-11-15
length: 7:38
If I ever held a hand
It was only because I'd never held your hand
That was part of the plan
I had to get it right if I was to be your man
And if I ever kissed your lips
I needed time to cross the others off my list (off my list)
A higher high to the trip (trip)
I wanted you to go, that was my wish, yes it was

(Ooh my) Friend, lover, sister, mother/wife
Air, food, water, love of my life

If I ever shared a bed
It was only 'cause I wanted to live up to what the people said, oh yes
(What they say?) [Repeat: x5]
Now I'm livin' instead
Everyday just to say you're the only one who's in my head
(The only one) [Repeat: x2]
Oh yes you are

And if I ever made you cry
All I have to do is think about it and I just want to die (I just want to die)
(I just want to break down and die, die, die, die)
How I'd ever make it by (I don't know) without you, baby (without you, baby)
I don't know (No!), I hope I never have to try, yeah
(Please don't ever leave me)
Oh, listen to me

(Ooh my) Friend, lover, sister, mother/wife
(My sweet, sweet friend, lover, sister, mother/wife)
Air, food, water, love of my life

The eyes of my child I see every time you look at me
(I see a sweet baby smile)
A sweet baby smile like a light that shines for all to see

(And if I ever held a hand) If I ever held a hand
Oh, 'twas only 'cause I'd never held yours
That was part of, part of the plan
I had to get it right (right) if I was to be your man because

(Ooh my) Friend, lover, sister, mother/wife
(Friend, lover, sister, mother/wife)
My, my, my, my air, my food, my water, love of my life (I love you)
(Everlasting life)

Teacher (teacher), healer (healer), feeler (feeler), sight for sore eyes
(Let me look at your eyes, you're so pretty)
Oh, yes you are, baby
(Oh my) Don't you know you're my friend, my lover, my sister, love of my life (mother/wife)
Yeah, baby, yes you are

{"Te amo" is "I love you"}
(Ooh my) Friend (te amo), lover (te amo), sister (te amo), mother/wife
(Hug me, hug me, hug me baby, you are my life)
(I'll stay with you 4ever) [Repeat: x2]
Till death do us part, baby (Yes sir!)
Air (te amo), food (te amo), water (te amo), love (love of my life)
You are the only, only love of my life

My friend, lover, sister, mother/wife

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  • 登録情報
    label: EMI
    country(area): Europe
    format: CD
    barcode: 724385498220
    script: Latin