Prince - Sex in the Summer 歌詞

合成: Prince Rogers Nelson
オリジナル盤発売日: 1996-11-15
length: 5:58
Sex in the summer, gettin' it on
Gimme that number, we can party all night long

Sex in the summer, gettin' it on
Gimme that number, we can party all night long
Checkin' 4 bikinis, layin' in the sand
Rub it like a genie, livin' while we can

Afternoon in the city, somewhere in July
Policemen actin'... yeah, U know, de-elevate a brotha's high
The mama's in the short dress, blowin' in the breeze
The papa's just a-prayin' 4 the gust that will bust that butt out, please, oh!

Here we go - Oh
All 7 - Hey
Baby, baby - Get naughty
Mmm, uh

Everybody's got a black book in case of emergency
In case the sun is shinin' at the beach and the honeys are out 2 play
The cool boys just a-watchin' all the pretty moves U make
Frontin' in the sun, jammin' 4 the one lover that U wanna take home

Here we go - Hey
All 7 - All night long
Baby, baby - Summertime
Uh, uh

Sex in the summer, sex in the summertime
It will be fine

Checkin' out Mahalia's greatest - "In The Upper Room"
When my boy Kirk calls singin'
"Hope we get 2gether soon (soon, soon)
We can fire up the Honda and pick up Rhonda
We can jam on a brand new tune
Improvise all through the night, it'll be just like havin'..."

Oh oh oh oh - We'll get it on
All 7 - Party, darlin'
Baby, baby - Oh oh oh oh
Uh, uh

Can't U feel the new day dawning? All believers will see
An end 2 suffering and every disease
Every waking hour will soon be spent kissin' each other
Angelic sisters and brothers
Clap your hands 4 one another, we'll be havin'...

Oh oh oh oh - Busy busy
Give it 2 me - All night long
Ooh yeah
Rub me, rub me - Livin' while we can, baby

Sex in the summer, gettin' it on
Gimme that number, we can party all night long

Sex in the summer

Sex in the summer
Get it on!
Sex in the summer
Right on!
Get it on!
Sex in the summer

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  • 登録情報
    label: EMI
    country(area): Europe
    format: CD
    barcode: 724385498220
    script: Latin