Prince - Slave 歌詞

合成: Barrett Strong, Norman Whitfield, Norman J. Whitfield
オリジナル盤発売日: 1996-11-15
length: 4:52
Everybody keeps trying to break my heart
Everybody except for me
I just want a chance to play the part
The part of someone truly free
Like candle slowly burning, I can feel my world unravel
Hemisphere upon hemisphere lie beneath my soul, soul
My enemies kept it turning, but now they pound the gavel
And judging me accordingly, I know, I know


Burning slowly candle, handle careless they did
Merrily down 3 heartbreak boulevards
Like fashion statements, they lie "you be looking so good 2night, kid"
I do my best to party, it's just that everybody keeps trying 2 break my heart

Except for me (Except for me)
I just want a chance to play

(Just want to be free)

Slowly candle burns, where'd they learn hypnosis?
How do they keep me under for so long?
Break the bread I earn, just keep me far from closest
I need their kind to illustrate what's wrong, what's wrong?

Well, I'll tell you they just keep trying to break my heart
They just keep trying to break my heart, ow!


But I can't let you break my heart

(Everybody keeps trying to break my heart)
Slave! (Everybody keeps trying to break my heart)
Slave! Slave! (Everybody keeps trying to break my heart)

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  • 登録情報
    label: EMI
    country(area): Europe
    format: CD
    barcode: 724385498220
    script: Latin