Who Sang Time Will Tell? Pro‐Pain

Release information
Release Date: 1999-2-16
Genre: Rock
Style: Thrash/Hardcore/Heavy Metal
length: 3:36
Up the ante and raise some hell
I'm on a quest for vengeance
And time will tell
Gotta break the silence
And bend the rules
It's a paid vacation on a ship of fools

They say to let your conscience
Always be your guide
But grass ain't always greener
On the other side
Bipartisan just suits you
And you wear it well
Your attitude has given
Reason to rebel

Time will tell

Face the music, and face the fact
That we're comin' at you,
Better watch your back
It's an operation to test the will
Gonna brief the nation
In a stone cold kill

A gross misunderstanding
Seems to have taken place
For apathetic reason
To blow up in your face
The power-trip has ended
So leave what's left behind
This quest is never ending
Can't buy that peace of mind

Time will tell

CD 1
  • 1 Stand Tall
  • 2 In for the Kill
  • 3 Act of God
  • 4 On Parade
  • 5 I Remain
  • 6 Time Will Tell
  • 7 Pride
  • 8 Love and War
  • 9 Hopeless
  • 10 Burn
  • 11 All Fall Down
  • 12 F.S.U.