Slave to You Lyrics - PRo

Release information
Release Date: 2010-7-13
length: 3:27
lead vocals: PRo
writer: Jacob Maikish, Derek Johnson
[Verse 1:]
Now e'erbody wanna know
Why I keep talkin' 'bout "slave" here in front of folk
They say I make 'em uncomfortable
I reply, that's exactly what I'm gunnin' for
Chained to Christ and I'm lovin' it that way
I don't wanna run like Kunta Kinte
Creator of all, I am your clay
Mold me, shape me, make me your way
Take me, break me, whatever your forte
To make me in your image but don't show me the doorway
'Cause e'erbody search the world lookin' for peace
Who knew I had to become a slave to be free?

You never ever let me go
Your love is so unfailing
Yes it is true, I'm a slave to you
Yes it is true, I'm a slave to you
Yes it is true, I'm a slave to you
Yes it is true, I'm a slave to you
I'm a slave to you

[Verse 2:]
And I love my chains
I ain't talkin' 'bout the ones ruby, get some things
Some sell they soul for the rocks and rings
My soul was rocked when I met the King
Some offer me the world but I don't think I need it
They say money is the fruit of life but I don't wanna eat it
We already seen that trick anyway
Learn the lesson in Genesis, why fall again?
Hey, I don't have to live another day
Matter of fact, you can take what I own away
But through the blood me and Christ will never separate
And the day of his return's what I anticipate


Now do you mind if I testify?
Never givin' a thought if I live or die
Until the Lord came and he touched my life
So everything I have I give for Christ
My world was spinnin' round and round out of control
Until you came and wrapped your arms around my soul


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