Promise of Redemption - Getting Through 歌詞

ジャンル: Rock
スタイル: Alternative Rock/Pop Punk/Acoustic
length: 0:46

Breathe in deep
And all at once you'll realize
Sometimes, the most important things in life
Tend to be right in front of you
If you can hear me right now, if you're listening
If you're out there, wherever you are
I miss you, I love you
And well, this is just my way of getting through

  • 1 Getting Through
  • 2 How Fast
  • 3 From the Second I Wake Up...
  • 4 Oh the Way
  • 5 Remember the First Day
  • 6 When the Flowers Bloom
  • 7 Live in Love
  • 8 Sunsets and Pictures
  • 9 A Long Way Home
  • 10 Rough Road Leads to the Stars
  • 11 Dana Leigh
  • 12 It Just Takes Time
  • 13 Trace Those Steps