Who Sang I of the Storm? Psychotic Waltz

Psychotic Waltz A Social Grace cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1990
Genre: Rock
Style: Psychedelic Rock/Prog Rock/Hard Rock
length: 4:34
producer: Mike Harris and Psychotic Waltz
piano: Buddy Lackey
lead vocals: Buddy Lackey
engineer: Mike Harris
acoustic guitar: Brian McAlpin, Buddy Lackey and Dan Rock
drums (drum set): Norm Leggio
tambourine: Ward Evans
executive producer: Rich Thompson
electric guitar: Dan Rock and Brian McAlpin
keyboard: Dan Rock and Buddy Lackey
electric bass guitar: Ward Evans
vibraslap: Dan Rock
transverse flute: Buddy Lackey
percussion: Norm Leggio
bass: Ward Evans
12 string guitar: Dan Rock
composer: Brian McAlpin, Buddy Lackey, Dan Rock, Norm Leggio
lyricist: Buddy Lackey
and I've seen the faces that laugh and turned to cry
see his disguise see the laugh in his eyes
drink from the tear that he cries
I've watched the grey man wishing he were young like me
and I've seen the child and the young fool
that he tries hard not to be
and I've seen the strong
as they prayed on bended knees
and I've watched the beggar
counted his short-changed
riches for the feast
pray, pray
storm has come
it's judgement day
running from the sun
chosen one has come
to light the way
cry, cry
bow our heads and wonder why
gavel of his honor
hammers down
then we're sent away
see his disguise
see the laugh in his eyes
drink from the tear
that he cries

I've seen the towers
lying crumbled at my feet
and I've seen the cities
and the wastelands that remain
and I've seen the victory
and the prize that none shall keep
and the short time
that the glory hides the pain

CD 1
  • 1 …And the Devil Cried
  • 2 Halo of Thorns
  • 3 Another Prophet Song
  • 4 Successor
  • 5 In This Place
  • 6 I Remember
  • 7 Sleeping Dogs
  • 8 I of the Storm
  • 9 A Psychotic Waltz
  • 10 Only in a Dream
  • 11 Spiral Tower
  • 12 Strange
  • 13 Nothing