Who Sang Into the Everflow? Psychotic Waltz

Psychotic Waltz  cover art
Release information
length: 8:23
producer: Ralph Hubert
mixer: Ralph Hubert, Buddy Lackey and Dan Rock
engineer: Ralph Hubert
arranger: Psychotic Waltz
executive producer: Ole Bergfleth
drums (drum set): Norm Leggio
electric bass guitar: Ward Evans
electric guitar: Brian McAlpin and Dan Rock
keyboard: Dan Rock
lead vocals: Buddy Lackey
percussion: Norm Leggio
piano: Dan Rock
lyricist: Buddy Lackey
composer: Psychotic Waltz
just to share my point of view
of life, the universe and everything
i'll take you to the fountain
just to have a drink with you
a slow and everlasting dream

and if we are here just to ease god's sorrow
lord come to me and i'll ease your mind
come to me cause i know it's my only way out of this place
and i know it will come in time
don't take me away too soon
but please don't be late for me

and he dipped his head into the existential void
where he called into the wall of silent empty ears
among the sea of tangled mouths gnashing
singing their hideous shrieking smile
a hard flowing river of hellos he could not wade against
he could not wade against them

tortured tongues feast their frenzy
they hiss out all that is nothing
the night time of the hearing flower
has put aside the laugh dancing flame
no longer warming the wings
of their fluttering dust angel mistress
the petals have closed for this long night
their brittle limbs are thinning

their meek and weeping gesture fares their well
to the falling paper blossoms
one by one, down into the everflow
one by one, drown into the overflow
gliding through the emptiness
flying through the emptiness