Who Sang Tiny Streams? Psychotic Waltz

Psychotic Waltz  cover art
Release information
length: 5:05
producer: Ralph Hubert
mixer: Ralph Hubert, Buddy Lackey and Dan Rock
engineer: Ralph Hubert
arranger: Psychotic Waltz
executive producer: Ole Bergfleth
drums (drum set): Norm Leggio
electric bass guitar: Ward Evans
electric guitar: Brian McAlpin and Dan Rock
keyboard: Dan Rock
lead vocals: Buddy Lackey
percussion: Norm Leggio
piano: Dan Rock
lyricist: Buddy Lackey
composer: Psychotic Waltz
mothers child has gone away
locked inside the game that they taught him all to play
closet city sleeping pretty tired from the day
and if he leaves the tiny porch light dim
he'll keep the dogs at bay

snotty little brat he plays
never puts his toys away
breaks the ones he's used if they don't sparkle anymore
dollies in the playhouse kissing
all their little heads are missing
chop their tiny hands with this thing
that's what daddy bought them for

red and white's turned blue today
i laught to dry the tear away

sitting in my ceilings face
this boiling rainbow webbing places
smiles soft anger feeling shapes
of mouths and hands in sonic scapes
fingers spanning psychic burning
black sabbath record turning
pools of vision, understanding
forms absorb to keep from laughing
climb the walls, half inside them
other side, air is thin there
friends inside pull me to them
cannot keep from laughing, laughing

ripples from the portholes making contact
center bending circles
growing echoes of each other
float reflections of this covered consciousness
inside this eggshell
masterpieces scattered not well spoken
yet still undertaken
tiny streams of orchestration
flow into this fisheye car ride
leaning close to catch his good side

tiny streams of orchestration