Dear John Lyrics - Pussycat

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Release information
Release Date: 1977
Genre: Electronic Pop
Style: Country Rock/Pop Rock
length: 3:10
composer: Werner Theunissen
lyricist: Werner Theunissen
Dear John, I liked to turn you on
dear John, it started just for fun
dear John, you were just one of many other boys I knew

Dear John, too bad I've never seen
dear John, the difference between
dear John, the times that you were near or just somebody else

John, since you walked out on me I couldn't find a way
to be myself, to sleep at night, to fill my days
I know it's silly, but I miss you more each day
I even pray...

Dear John, I don't know what to do
dear John, it's hard what I've been through
dear John, I know you must have felt the same I'm feeling now

John, I wrote this letter just to tell you I've been wrong
I've tried so many times before I could send it along
Believe me, ev'ry word's another lonely night
but that's all-right...

Dear John, I loved to turn you on
dear John, it started just for fun
dear John, but if you leave me, please believe me
I can't go on
that's far away from fun, John

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