Who Sang Night? Q65

Q65 We're Gonna Make It cover art
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Release Date: 1971
Night by Q65
one morning I wake up and cried
of something what I always knew
our love is gone and there's nothing left
can't forget all the hurt and tears
you said that I've killed your deepest feelings
that's just what I don't understand
I treid to do all I could
to make our freindschip understood
now I'm on my own
realize that I've got no home
make's no differents where I go
won't forget it, that's something I'll forever know
love is pain love still remains
and some day I will find it again
now I'm on my own

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 We're Gonna Make It
  • 2 Baby Don't Worry
  • 3 I Just Can't Wait
  • 4 Saddy
  • 5 Please Come Back To Me
  • 6 We Are Happy
  • 7 I Gotta Move
  • 8 There Was A Day
  • 9 Don't Let Me Fall
  • 10 Crumblin'
  • 11 Night
  • 12 Sexy Legs