Who Sang All for One? QNTAL

QNTAL QNTAL IV: Ozymandias cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2005-5-9
length: 4:34
lead vocals: Sigrid Hausen
composer: Michael Popp, Philipp Groth
lyricist: [anonymous]
I must go walk the woods so wild,
and wander here and there
in dred and dedly fere,
for where I trusted,I am begild,
and all for one.

Thus am I banisshed from by blis
by craft and false pretens,
fautles without offens,
as of return no certen is,
and all for fere of one.

The ronning stremes shall be my drinke,
acorns schall be my fode,
nothing may do me good,
but when your bewty I do think,
and all for love of one.

CD 1
  • 1 All for One
  • 2 Ozymandias I
  • 3 Vogelfluc
  • 4 Blac
  • 5 Dulcis Amor
  • 6 Cupido
  • 7 Flow
  • 8 Flamma
  • 9 Amor volat
  • 10 Ozymandias II
  • 11 Indiscrete
  • 12 Noit e Dia
  • 13 Remember Me
  • 14 Rose in the Mor
  • 15 Lasse, grant dou├žor