Who Sang Blac? QNTAL

QNTAL QNTAL IV: Ozymandias cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2005-5-9
length: 5:16
lead vocals: Sigrid Hausen
composer: Michael Popp, Philipp Groth
lyricist: [anonymous]
Blac is a colour that is good,
so say I and many mo;
blac is my hat, blac is my hood,
blac is all that longeth therto.

Summe men sayen that I am blac -
it is a colour for my prow;
ther I love, ther is no lac,
I may not be so white as thou.
blac wol do as good a nede
as the white at bord and bedde;
and therto also trew in dede,
and therto I ley my lif to wedde.

Wind and water may steyne the white,
iwis; the blac it may not so.
ther is the blac is all my delite;
I am iholde be skile therto.
pepper withoute it is well blac,
iwis; withinne it is not so.
lat go the colour an tak the smac,
this I sey by me and mo.

CD 1
  • 1 All for One
  • 2 Ozymandias I
  • 3 Vogelfluc
  • 4 Blac
  • 5 Dulcis Amor
  • 6 Cupido
  • 7 Flow
  • 8 Flamma
  • 9 Amor volat
  • 10 Ozymandias II
  • 11 Indiscrete
  • 12 Noit e Dia
  • 13 Remember Me
  • 14 Rose in the Mor
  • 15 Lasse, grant dou├žor