Who Sang Flow? QNTAL

QNTAL QNTAL IV: Ozymandias cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2005-5-9
length: 4:39
lead vocals: Sigrid Hausen
composer: Michael Popp, Philipp Groth
lyricist: John Dowland
Flow, my tears, fall from your springs!
exiled for ever let me mourn;
where night's black berd her sad infamy sings,
ther let me live forlorn.

Hark, you shadows that in darkness dwell,
learn to contemn light.
happy, happy they that in hell
feel not the world's despite.

Down, vain lights, shine you no more!
no nights are dark enough for those
that in despair their lost fortunes deplore;
light doth but shame disclose.

CD 1
  • 1 All for One
  • 2 Ozymandias I
  • 3 Vogelfluc
  • 4 Blac
  • 5 Dulcis Amor
  • 6 Cupido
  • 7 Flow
  • 8 Flamma
  • 9 Amor volat
  • 10 Ozymandias II
  • 11 Indiscrete
  • 12 Noit e Dia
  • 13 Remember Me
  • 14 Rose in the Mor
  • 15 Lasse, grant dou├žor