Who Sang Brownsville? Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah Order in the Court cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1998-6-15
length: 4:41

You can say I'm bad to the bone and that's it
You can say I'm quick to start a conflict
You can say I'm swift when it comes to mine
But mischievous all the time
You can say I'm bad to the bone and that's it
You can say I'm quick to start a conflict
You can say I'm swift when it comes to mine
But mischievous all the time

Melody... whoa... ha
Br-br-br-br-Brownsville, Brownsville, Brownsville...

[Verse 1:]
Tanya Montana, what you want?
Microscopic camera
Infiltrate plans and scam ya
Get the chips
Triple split
So MCs and fat whips
Fly chicks with wits
Niggas suck us like tits

Fuck it, put they face is the dirt
Watch me do work shitting on bitches
Uh huh, bet it hurt
In a long black skirt
With the long platinum furs
In a long black [?] only my real bitches should be concerned with

Scarlet, I got these niggas scoped like a target
Bout to start shit, convicts flood the market
Charged with the Remy and Henny, rock condoning
She Capone-ing, ride the track like I'm boning

I'll tell you now if your shit is glassy
I'm seeing through like shot niggas
I put the feeding tubes in the ICU
Look nasty, the hottest crew ballers clocking who? I
Dropping jewels, I'll let you rock one too


[Verse 2:]
Easily we fucks with niggas mentals
Lyrical credentials
We presidential, detrimental
Poetic prophets, philosophic when we drop it
Catastrophic street topics
Sonnin' niggas like the tropics
It's all logic
Profit sharing with my plan
Steady building and planning
I be the last bitch standing
In a war zone and chrome
We leave the spot blown
But still shown
God bless the child
That can hold her own

Forget living from paycheck to paycheck
Our styles will make a nigga
Wanna get his face wet
Don't stop 'til I break a sweat
I ain't choose your crowd
Your crowd chose me solely
Pimped out your style like Goldie

In the event you black out
Start poppin' off at the mouth?
Dropping you off down south
With the heat still in your mouth
I'm too grown to be playing with these little girls
Still getting [?]
Make you [?]
Ten times strong


[Verse 3:]
O'Hara, the rap assassin-ess
Stay blasting this
Murder style disastrous
I mastered this
Throwing my back in this
Macking this for all the critics
With the Hollywood committeds
Well fuck 'em
We in a minute

Lady McGyver
Be the sole survivor
Plot devisor
The move-on-them bitch that's liver
With Diablos jet black across the stars
Word, relax, put on the Marlboro
Headed for Monte Carlo
Camouflage specialist
Hold it down effortless
Be the best and shit
Lazarus soldier
Left your list
Mind the Matahari
White wine and calamari
Behind me, got an army
The fam is where my heart be

170 pounds of brown
Put it down
Don't clown, be around
Like that weak style you found
You get it?
Trying to live until they make me get rid of it
I was born with this gift
And you don't want me to spit it
L-A-T-I --
Yeah, like I really gotta do that
Lose the haters riding my flow talking, "Who dat?"
Knew that fate was coming when I dropped that hot wax
Now you bummin'
Gotta feel that

[?] for the sport, play it
Bout the [?] stay wet
On flooded [?] from jewelers I ain't pay yet
Kita lace a tight verse
Blaze it right, then I burst
You deep pockets, you like [?]
You talk, we fight first

Get it on
[?] stuck in your ass like tampons
You thought I was up North
Doing a bid and fell off
Check the platinum soundtrack
That's where the fuck I'm at
Lay my head all up in Brooklyn
But Jersey's on the map
The authoritive figure
But you feel me like a nigga
Coming strong across the Hudson
And I know I'm touching something
'Cause you stupid niggas
Tasted this pussy and wanted to loop it
They said it was a hit
Just like this Brownsville shit

[Chorus] (2x)

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