Who Sang People? Queen Latifah feat. Mary J. Blige

Mary J. Blige Persona cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2009-8-25
Genre: Electronic Hip Hop Funk / Soul
Style: RnB/Swing
length: 3:55
Oh mm

People going to let you down
Don't expect for them to be around
They're just people
They're just people
People going to let you down
Don't expect for them to hold you down
They're just people
They're just people

Money crimes and mood swings
Situations where
Certain people will do things
Hop on bandwagon
Get on the food chain
Soon as you get yo swag
That's when yo crew change
But we all equal
And people are just people
Leave it in God's hands
Cause the devil is lethal
You get what you earn
Also you live and you learn
To expect nothing in return
Do what you do from the heart
And then move on
Cause in the eyes of the ungrateful
You can do wrong
That's when the negative energy
Gets to strong
The sunshine leaves
In comes the true storm
Sometimes make you wanna do harm
But you fall back cause you too calm
To get all rowdy and evil
Cause you realize at the end of the day
They just people


The bad ones discourage
The good ones motivate
The weak shall perish
The haters going show they hate
As long as you know what you dealing with
You can close the gate
Never let them in yo world
Till you know they straight
Huh cause then again they just people
Life's just a one stop deal
There's no sequel
Fake ones are so transparent
And so see through
Love ones can be so humble
When they need you
Some got they hands out even after you feed em
But they ain't ever around when you need em
That's when yo thoughts get evil
But then you realize they just people


Ay yo I got a lot more living to do
Before I leave here
Cause I'm blessed and I'm thankful
And I'm happy to be here
In good health with good wealth
You could always use help
But all you really got is yo good self
Still what I go through
It hurts when people that know you
Let you down and don't hold you
But yo mistakes will teach you
Cause then you realize
They just people

Oh people
Oh people
Oh people
Oh people
Don't you worry about a thing
They just people


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