Who Sang Just a Flow (interlude)? Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah Black Reign cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1993-11-16
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Conscious
length: 1:31
producer: S.I.D. Reynolds
lead vocals: Queen Latifah
mixer: Patrick Dillett and Ron Allaire
composer: Queen Latifah
lyricist: Queen Latifah

[Spoken Intro:]
What are you doin'?!
Sid, you burnin' shit!

It's just a flow, it's just a flow
It's just a flow, it's just a flow
It's just a flow, it's just a flow
It's just a flow, it's just a flow

I give a shout out
To every earthling on the planet
Especially Jersey
And New York
Chilled in Irvington
Born in Newark
Thanks for support
It's just a flow
I'd like to say hello (hello)
Even though I know
You don't know me
It's just a stack [?]
Kick from the pack [?]
Gimme a smile
C'mon, you can show me
Take an inspiration from the S.I.D
Thanks for the beat
It's kinda fly
And oh yeah, Sa'Buddah told me tell ya hi
She thinks you're sweet
I'm looking for the vibe y'all
Then I must be looking for my tribe y'all
I'm rolling with the F-L-A-V-O-R and Unit
Somebody in the house, gimme five, y'all
And get live, y'all
And just clap your hands to the beat
Cause I gotta go find out
Where we got the loot, cause I gotta know
I put special concentration on the flow
I love to see you and me say, “ho!”


[Ad libs:]
Sexy baby doll…
I get loose, y'all, I get loose, y'all
I get loose, l-loose, l-loose, loose, y'all
I get loose, y'all
You don't know nothing
Gotta get loose, y'all
Bring it on
It's like this

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