Who Sang Angel? QueenAdreena

QueenAdreena Djin cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2008-10-8
Genre: Rock
Style: Indie Rock
length: 3:54
producer: Téo Miller
mixer: Téo Miller
writer: Katie Jane Garside, Crispin Gray, Pete Howard, Nomi Leonard
A black soot stain
Struck across the sky
The shadow crept up the wall and stayed
Eclipse in her daddies eye
She prepared for an occupation
She climed she cut away
But with each cut the root grew deeper
And she drown in his blood embrace
So where are your angels?
A dirty old claw caught at her breast
Blood on the kitchen floor
A tightrope yawning at her undress
Her skyline all rip and torn
She prepared for an occupation
She climbed she cut away
The crows to steal on her battlefield
Sharpen her bloodied nail
So where are your angels?
Charlie's rack salt peter
p___ing spit and claw
The crows to steal on her batlefield
She's down on the bedroom floor
She collapse in a rain of whale spill
She ride the briding spree
She white feather blind
On her washing line
I cut cut cut cut her free

CD 1
  • 1 Year (of You)
  • 2 Angel
  • 3 Killer (Tits)
  • 4 Night Curse
  • 5 Lick
  • 6 Crow
  • 7 You (Don’t Love Me)
  • 8 Ruby
  • 9 Happy Now
  • 10 Life (Support)
  • 11 Heaven (No More) (Don’t Look Down)
  • 12 Come Down