Who Sang In Red? QueenAdreena

Release information
Release Date: 2005-5-23
Genre: Rock
Style: Indie Rock
length: 3:21
producer: Paul Corkett
writer: Katie Jane Garside, Crispin Gray, Pete Howard
I wreck your bed
The colour is honey
Your finger prints marking my wall
In red
I take a light plex
Put it around your kneck
I turn it on a choking blue
Fire in your eyes
In red
Make me confess
Shut your mouth
Rip my dress
Don't ever protest that you don't
Want this mess
Don't even pretend that I
Could be your friend
I climb the walls
Knuckles are bleeding
Throw me down
Push my face into the fire
You liar
Your crossed the line
You're tripping on guilty
I undermine
Your girlfriend and you in the pyre
You liar

CD 1
  • 1 Suck
  • 2 Medicine Jar
  • 3 Ascending Stars
  • 4 Join the Dots
  • 5 Pull Me Under
  • 6 Racing Towards the Sun
  • 7 Wolverines
  • 8 Birdnest Hair
  • 9 Princess Carwash
  • 10 In Red
  • 11 F.M. Doll
  • 12 Black Spring Rising
  • 13 Childproof
  • 14 Princess Carwash (Slight Reply)
  • 15 Cold Light of Day
  • 16 Butcher and the Butterfly