Who Sang Lydia? Queens Club

Release information
Release Date: 2010-3-23
length: 2:49
vocal: Daniel Eaton and Andrew Nichols
programming: Brandon Paddock
additional percussion: Jim Waggy
additional organ: Brandon Paddock
composer: Daniel Eaton, Jake Ryan, Tyler Bottles, Andrew Nichols
lyricist: Daniel Eaton
Oh, Lydia, you're so sweet to me
You opened up your whole home to me
And my friends, oo-oo-oh
You're giving me attention
Oh, Lydia, you're so good to me
You took heed, and you opened up your heart to me
You're ready for air, oo-oo-oh
You have such good intentions
Choosing the city on the other side of the sea
We heard your call; we hitched a ride for three
To Macedonia, we're havin' a party for you
So be there, won't you be there

You know just where to find me
You know just where our love will begin

CD 1
  • 1 Are We? Will We?
  • 2 Issinair
  • 3 Cutt Me Off
  • 4 An Apparition
  • 5 Dust
  • 6 Less Talk
  • 7 Lydia
  • 8 Upstart
  • 9 Family Ties
  • 10 Nightmarer
  • 11 I'm American
  • 12 Danger Kids