Who Sang California Kissin? Queensberry

Queensberry Chapter 3 cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2012-6-22
Genre: Pop
Style: Europop
length: 3:46

I still see you and me
Underneath the bleachers of baseball field
Just like a movie scene
Paying hide and seek
Take the 101 and head to Venice Beach
Won't tell them where we've been (Baby)
I keep those memories
Locked inside my head
Wish I could have stayed
Stayed whit you instead
You stole my heart with
A California Kiss (California Kissin)
I can't imagine
Another day like this (California Kissin)
Sippind lemonade
Such a beautiful day
You make the sun shine every time we touch
You stole my heart with
A California Kiss
I can't get you off my mind
Felt like a movie star
Riding with my high heels on your bike
Down Hollywood Blvd (Baby)
It's getting dark
Sleeping with my head on your shoulder
While you played guitar (baby)
I keep those memories
Locked inside my head
Wish I cold have stayed
Stayed with you instead
Just imagine everything that could have been
Take yot to places that you have never seen
Lips like ice cream, strawberry cheesecake
So sweet take my hand and let's walk to the end of the world
You would be my favourite boy, I could be your favorite toy
And enjoy every night, every morning, every day, everyday in LA
It's what I'm missing the California Kissin

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