Who Sang Over It? Queensberry feat. Antonella Trapani

Release information
Release Date: 2008-12-12
length: 3:31
I´m over your lies
and I´m ove your games
I´m over you asking me
when you know i´m not okay
you call me at night
and I pick up the phone
and though you be tellin´me
I know you´re not alone

Oh and that´s why
your eyes - I´m over it
your smile - I´m over it
realized - I´m over it
I´m over it, I´m over


Wanting you to be wanting me
no that ain´t no way to be
how I feel, read my lips
because I´m so over
Movin´on and it´s my time
you never were a friend of mine
hurt at first, a little bit
but now I´m so over
I´m so over it

I´m over your hands
and I´m over your mouth
trying to drag me down
and fill me with self-doubt

Oh and that´s why your world
I´m over it - so sure
I´m over it - I´m not your girl
I´m over it, I´m over it
I´m over


Don´t call, don´t come by
ain´t no use, don´t ask me why
you´ll never change
there´ll be no more crying in the rain
No, oh oh
I´m over it


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