Who Sang Pack It Up? Queensberry

Queensberry Chapter 3 cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2012-6-22
Genre: Pop
Style: Europop
length: 3:04

Pack it up, get out
Pack it up, get out
I am wishing you would tell me
What's going on
You used to do nice things
Hold me
And sing me song
Touch my face
When you said hello
You got me guessing and wondering it I should go
Wait a minute play it bach your time is out
But you got to
Pack it up
Get out
I'm tired of you
Youre time is up
Up and over
Pack it up get out
Im throughz whit you
PS: I see you soon
Now I'm feeling kinda crazy cause my friends said
You're a player whit no heart
I've lost my head
Can't fight this funny feeling
That I
I got to make some new decisions
Wait a minute play it back your time is out
But you got to
Got me sittin at the bar
And I'm feeling just right
But not tonight
Don't know what you want from me but
Wait a minute wait, wait a minute

CD 1
  • 1 Girl Like Me
  • 2 Chemical Reaction
  • 3 Headphones
  • 4 Timeless
  • 5 Interlude Superboy
  • 6 Superboy Should
  • 7 It's Not That Simple
  • 8 Pack It Up
  • 9 Interlude: I Understand It Now
  • 10 I Understand It Now
  • 11 I Want You Back
  • 12 Interlude: Cake and Kisses
  • 13 Cake and Kisses
  • 14 After the Love Is Gone
  • 15 Summer Love Song
  • 16 California Kissin
  • 17 Interlude: Ronja, Leo, Gabby with Love
  • 18 Timeless (Plastic Funk mix)