Who Sang Turn Out the Lamplight? Quincy Jones feat. George Benson

George Benson Love, Q cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Jazz
Style: Soul-Jazz
length: 5:40
Comin' home is always joy to me
Ain't a place that I would rather be
I need to see the heaven in your eyes
Cause you're the love that's always hard to find
Every dreams that's ever crossed my mind
Only you can make the day end right

So turn out the lamplight
Sit by my side
Love me tonight
So turn out the lamplight
Let's dream for a while
Just you and I
And we'll let the world go spinning by

On a day when problems get me down
It's nice to think about the love we found
All I need is you and I'll get by
And though the years may make me old and grey
Darlin' you'll still take my breath away
'cause time can't change the warmth
Inside your smile


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