Who Sang Love Dance? Quincy Jones

Release information
Writer(s): Gilson Peranzzetta, Ivan Guimaraes Lins, Paul H Williams
length: 3:21
From too much talk to silent touches
Sweet touches
We turned our hearts to love
Then tried it, first time romance
There in the quiet, love learns to dance

We loved, we slept, we left the lights on
The night's gone and morning
Finds us caught in life's most sensible trance
Turn up the quiet, love wants to dance

Old songs, a new life
And hearts that understand like ours
And old dreams find young wings
In silence, in silence

From too much talk to loving touches
Love touches
When pure emotion takes the moment
We take the chance
Turn up the quiet, love wants to dance

Love wants to dance

  • 1 I'll Be Good to You
  • 2 You Put a Move on My Heart
  • 3 100 Ways
  • 4 Stuff Like That
  • 5 The Secret Garden
  • 6 Just Once
  • 7 Mood for Love
  • 8 Chega de Saudade (No More Blues)
  • 9 In the Garden
  • 10 Blues in the Night
  • 11 Sanford and Son's Theme
  • 12 Soul Bossa Nova
  • 13 Summer in the City
  • 14 Love Dance
  • 15 Killer Joe
  • 16 Bluesette